Ziyal Residence

Istanbul, Turkey


38.000 m²

The project site locates on a 5.300 m² plot next to the collector axis on South-North direction between TEM and E-5 highways feeding the whole transport of Istanbul. Project program includes the transformation of a manufacturing and office structure into residential and retail uses due to its forthcoming feature of location that strengthens its accessibility and development opportunity for mixed and integrated future functions.

The region is mostly surrounded by newly developing large scale and branded residence projects that targets young working population around the project area varying from single to young couples. Especially modern penthouses on higher levels of the tower with sea view are the most attractive units of residences. The functional transformation also brings a shift from horizontal to vertical on structure where retail uses will be placed on ground level and residential units will rise on this base.

3.820 m² retail area aimed to serve both to the 216 units rising above and to the dense urban population neighbouring the project area as well. Instead of cutting its relation with Ataturk Boulevard, the new design offers a welcoming and large setback with pedestrian zone in front of the structure which has rich landscaped areas to emphasize the retail line and open areas in terms of its perception from human scale.