Zeytinburnu Shore and Square Design

Istanbul, Turkey


111.000 m²

The project is located in Zeytinburnu (literally, Olive Cape) is a working-class neighbourhood, municipality and district on the European side of İstanbul, Turkey, on the shore of the Marmara Sea just outside the walls of the ancient city, beyond the fortress of Yedikule.  Accessibility comes to the forefront of the project site, therefore it's important to supply social benefit. It will serve Istanbul's open area and recreation needs. It's aimed to design something that connects with five sense to make visitors live a real sensual experince. It's also aimed to interact with people by creating attraction points and interactive features. In the proposal, It's thought that the easy access of the disabled. Thus the project will be more public, different and uniqe.  The interaction with the sea will be maximized by emphasizing the port feature of the area that has existed since the history. It's expected an “every age / every day” event area in the zone. The proposal includes: open air cinema, concert halls, theatre, children programs, historical emphasize, organic bazaar, baoting, picnic areas, shopping places, running roads, cycling, observation terrace, dance platforms... etc.