Yunusobod Manzara



85.000 m²

Yunusobad is one of 11 districts (tuman) of Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. The project locates on 38.400 m² plot. It's aimed that transformation of a waste-land will colour the area with rich public spaces and various land-uses in Yunusobod region.  It's a residential complex which is called 'Manzara. It has 85.000 m² construction size, which includes modern, residential buildings, commercial units, playgrounds as outdoor activities. The design consists of 3 types of blocks and there are totally 8 blocks. Residential blocks are placed according to vista angle so that each block can take the nature inside. Beatiful views of the mountains from high floors, and most importantly clean air, present a charming and captivating life without leaving the complex. Courtyard acting as social platform bring the green environmet inside. Thus, while the project works functionally , but also it connects to its environment.