Yaşar Kemal Culture Centre

Istanbul, Turkey


15.300 m²

Yaşar Kemal was one of Turkey's leading writers. A culture center for Istanbul and Yasar Kemal makes the design naturally excited. According to the client Municipality of Maltepe district’s demand on having public service functions with library, cinema / theatre halls and official services of the municipality all together, our design concept ended up with a public service building, including both administration  and social facilities, with various functions from basement and ground floors to administrative facilities till top. Thus; architectural design approach focused on one structure embodying multi-functional facilities with a modern outlook and view for future workers and visitors of the building that symbolize the functions inside. Just like bookshelves full with various kind of books. Also cultural centre is named as «Yaşar Kemal» Turkish leading writer, embalming his death in 2015.Facade of the building design is inspired from library, as mentioned. Each book represents the variable functions inside and each shelf represents the facilities location. Each floor usage changes according to the main uses like; (rentable) meeting rooms, council rooms, organization & exhibition halls and etc. Especially the library and the exhibition areas are special for the place, Yaşar Kemal Cultural Centre will hold the name of famous author Yaşar Kemal’s.