Istanbul, Turkey


235.000 m²

A striking waterfront project emerges with an idea to bring the sea into the land is introducing an exceptional urban experience. Letting the water flood to the embankments and lining up the volumes along the provided waterfronts create a continuous and fluid lay out. Hotels, suites, residents and a water piazza constitute the design which is expected to accelerate and lift the socio cultural life of Istanbul. The project, occupying a size of 235 000 sq.m , establishes itself to give an example of ubiquity character of water and its convolution with land. Considering Istanbul’s privilege representation on the earth interweaving water and land as one of the most striking architectural edifice in natural terms, İstanbul Waterfront faces with a difficult challenge to reinterpret this in architectural terms. The design lets the water to penetrate into land and to produce several unique open spaces. Squares, niches, plazas and courtyards constitute a flow of space similar to the spreading of water on land. Istanbul Waterfront handles the scale of the project with the help of fluidity character of water and suggests dynamic and tangible structures. The project introduces a piazza-like lagoon leading to sea then creates extraordinary water square around which almost all elements of the design combine.