Vladikavkaz Stadium

Vladikavkaz, Russia


215.000 m²


Soft, dynamic and tectonic outlook establishes the ViladiKavkaz Stadium in Osteya-Alanya, Russia. It is expected to boost the city’s social and economic life and is likely to amplify the love of sport as a unifying spirit for the society. While shifting metal panels animate the façade, a spiralling atrium within curls around the pitch constitutes a crown which is likely to be an icon for the city. Articulated through a series of sea shell, the building interacts with the geography in the region and constitutes a dramatic scene with a sea of mountain at its south. The structure is tied with a circular suspended beam by strained ropes and creates an elegant expression in which the audiences may experience an exclusive visual entertaining as well. VladiKavkaz Stadium reaches to the capacity of 30.000-35.000 audience and celebrates the spirit of sport as providing supplementary fields to be destined to either training or small sport organizations. The project goes beyond to be a singular sport facility and undertakes an urban attraction function to be an icon for the city. Vladikavkaz Stadium is likely to be the pride of the community and meld with the unique geography of the region.