Vadistanbul Power Centre

Istanbul, Turkey


16.500 m²

Vadistanbul is an example of “city making” encouraging a prominent architecture that duly regards the natural assets of Istanbul. After its opening it swiftly became new center of Istanbul. The power center will contribute to development of the new center. It will be new platform of sharing and producing information, working culture, meeting, performing arts, conferences, comprihensive and flexible spaces in the valley that green and blue meet. The project located on a plot which is 4.875 m² and adjacent to Vadistanbul. An iconic and charming horizontal architecture understanding is prefered with facade design in order to create a welcoming place by becoming a culture valley. Permeable, perpetual and fluid shell make stroger this understanding creating balance between horizontality and verticality. It's also a captivating example of dynamism in the city scale and pretty simple and permeable for pedestrian. Then it's a complementary meeting and open spaces of Vadistanbul. The project exhibits itself with live, warm and inviting colors.  It get inspiration from coral. It's the largest live in the world it creats great reefs in thousands of years. This process is similar to large buildings and build cities. The design mainly consists of  2 auditoriums and 4 studios within total 16.500 m² construciton size.