Vadistanbul Boulevard

Istanbul, Turkey


625.000 m²

Cendere Valley in Istanbul incorporates various plots for which different stakeholders has established a partnership to succeed a significant property development in Istanbul. The main motivation behind this collaboration is to give an example of “city making” encouraging a prominent architecture that duly regards the natural assets of Istanbul. The Valley becomes a new urban destination which is particularly open to education facilities, informatics, culture and tourism with supplementary housing units. The beginning of the valley where urban fabric meets with nature has been developed by iki design group is conceived as the gateway to the valley. The design offers 8 separate blocks with approximately 250.000 sq. m size devoting a special attention to meet with the canal at its east. While solid blocks rise up to bring a solemn presence to the site, those with terraces produce a vibrant outlook which combine the forest with the canal. Richness of open spaces involving water elements, soft spaces and walkways help to establish a cohesive whole and enhances the quality of life. The corridors in between the blocks combine the forest with the canal with a precious visual experience. Around the blocks, the idea of “touching to water” results a singular urban experience in Istanbul. The project will expand along the Cendere Valley as an urban bacon and the second stage will accommodate approximately 570 000 sq.m.