Vadi Park Seyrantepe Office II

Istanbul, Turkey


35.500 m²

Project locates on northern skirts of İstanbul, in Cendere Valley next to Maslak - Ayazaga Business District. TEM highway is the southern neighbour of the plot, which will be supporting commercial and business activities along the site that is currently surrounded by health facilities, retail, tourism, and residential land-uses. Several land-mark projects have already stroke throughout the valley, with a unique design approach by iki design group, that required Vadipark Seyrantepe Office II to adapt itself both to the natural forms and the new developments around. The structures provide 360 degree views all day long which generates motivation of the future visitors and workers. The main project targets of project focus to reuse the non-permeable field, exposing creative and healthy work places and preserving the green frame behind it. Flexibility of the modern working spaces inspired architectural scheme as an arc ready to leap. Within the curved string courses, which correspond to the upper office floors of the structure, the ratio forms a strata referring to layers of ground and with low-rise offices the scale of the project balanced. Although the architectural form is rectilinear, the architectural moves follow a special design discipline with different layers and heights. The form emphasizes the natural, curved and layered boundaries while creating the workspaces which is inspired from the river’s pebbles. The plot size of Vadipark Seyrantepe Office II is 8.206 m², accommodating two circular office blocks with retail at ground floor which enriches the usage of the site where all the facades are open both to the nature and the city directions. The parking lots with 329 vehicle capacity locate in the basement floors. Project offers 35.251 m² of overall construction area which of 19.683 m² is consisting of saleable and rentable offices.