Unalanlar Master Plan

Istanbul, Turkey


1.825.000 m²

Ünalan Urban Regeneration Project locates in Kadıköy District, accessible via Highway, Marmaray and Metro lines easily. The 77.823 sqm area is neighbor with another urban regeneration program Fikirtepe and it is surrounded by newly developed residential and commercial construction investments like Emaar Square, Akasya Acıbadem, Soyak Houses, Almond Hill and so forth.The regeneration area is large and comprehensive, the scheme will effect a large group of people due to the existing high urban population of 7.383 shareholders to alliance and the gravity that urban regeneration will create.Several public facilities distributed into the project field in line with the community needs, especially creating green areas were critique as a reaction to lack of open spaces on the project area.The infrastructure and urban amenities needs are considered as one of the most important targets of urban regeneration program.To ensure the green regeneration, Architectural design and urban plan focused on courtyards and atriums as main assets of a classical block design. The green corridor follows the transportation bone which gathers the main flow of site is also a directive for pedestrian flows within the site. A landmark building designed to increase the identification of project and a broad green and open spaces had been designed to gather and attract the community interest to this node.