Umraniye Mixed Use Project

Istanbul, Turkey


395.000 m²

The project designed on 75 089 m² industrial area offers 395 000 m² construction area that accommodates mixed-use functions in Umraniye District. Umraniye is a district where urban growth triggered by industrial development on 80’s. As the industry is de-centralizing out of İstanbul, the Project site carries a potential of being a new urban destination with its 1 440 residential units, retail areas, offices, courtyards and niches, bicycle routes and great green areas.

Pre-industrial land-use of the site was known as a forest area including cypress and pine trees, the design mostly inspired from the previous land-use, the design aimed to re-involve the area with greeneries, sounds of birds, children and residents with open and balanced urban functions. Especially the upcoming projects like subway stations, shopping malls, new education and health facilities, around the site will be accelerating the rapid spatial change.

The meaning of word “umraniye”, an old Arabic term, refers to a developed community and a developed urban-space. In this regard, the architectural strategies mostly investigated for the best urban design and land-use solutions for the site. The building facades, the relations between street-structure forms and human scale, the proposed terraces, decks, balconies and courtyards are the results of this approach that connects the community with the space. Creation of attraction points, walkability and accessibility are strong outcomes of this design approach.