Ulus Residences

Istanbul, Turkey


12.000 m²

At the heart of the city, a dwelling project overlooking the Bosporus appears to grow from sea and float on it. Ulus Residents fuse different housing blocks and appears to grow from sea and float on it. Located on the south-face hillsides, dynamic views of the city are alternatively caught which are indeed result in a varied façade order. Ulus Residents is manifesting itself smooth, continuous and vivid those are yielding in celebrity of dulcet as it reaches to the exceptional Bosporus panorama. Handling the stringent building codes, however not leaning on monotonous repetitive building forms, Ulus Residences offers a body of variety and offers cosy, tangible and pleasant dwellings. The design expresses itself domestic in scale and explorative with its execution as bringing together the wood and stone not just for structural elements, but also for architectural lattice. Reaching to 12.000 sqm Ulus Residences captures the unobstructed view of Bosporus and sweeps up from ground like wave. Units are conceived cohesive but help to enjoy the variety and plurality as well. The design fuses the horizontal and vertical planes and opens the interiors to exterior by wide glass panel or sliding window apparatus all of which brings dynamism and mobility to the building.