Torbalı Villa Complex

Bodrum, Turkey


76.000 m²

The large-scale villa Project offers a new vision for Bodrum district, located South of Turkey, one of the best resort and holiday destinations of Aegean and Mediterranean Territory. The Project area significantly sits on a hill where elevation shifts are very high along the 70.860 sqm land. The design approach for Bodrum Villas based on the understanding of the ad-hoc condition of the project area. The common thought criticized the rapid growth of the summer-house city, yet the intense pressure on the existing development depends on the agglomerations on the exact same center. The project site gives an opportunity to program a new and unique, low-rise vernacular integration on virgin costs of Aegean Sea.
The landscape design is complementary with the existing climate and topography, where the stone, wood and natural materials selected for each residential units are consistent with the topography. A social facility next to sea and various types of organic and integrated villa houses bring the color and assortment back to Bodrum.
Each architectural design for 9 types of villas emphasizes the garden usage, where the stairs, plantation, pool usage are integrated to each other. All of the units are very well orientated to enjoy the spectacle views of heaven-like nature meeting with the sea.