Tema Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey


835.000 m²

Spreading over an area of approximately 150 hectare where Istanbul’s major transportation facilities meet, a significant project emerges as a new urban destination. Tema Park is adjacent to the city’s spearheading large scale housing developments as well as to the Olympic Stadium and to Kucukcekmece Lake. The project introduces an “urban oasis”including entertainment convention, hotel, leisure, retail and residential facilities. iki design group undertakes the residential part and offers a permeable living environment that is provided with the conceptual elaboration of natural elements of water, soil, fire, wooden and metal. This result in a deliberate spatial sequence consists of 5 different segments which is a clear message that both prestige and modesty could be succeeded together. The design is an example of a considered attempt to celebrate the city and purposefully employs a pluralistic design vocabulary to offer a variety for different householders for their changing preferences. Tema park is a distinctive urban experience while its residential area, stretching to approximately 835.000 sq.m, is likely to renown for recovering once a lost natural asset into a vital urban environment. The design explores the idea that recovery of the site from an abandoned condition into a vibrant “piece of urban” is the function of architecture.