Tashkent Downtown

Tashkent, Uzbekistan


807.500 m²

Tashkent or Toshkent is the capital and largest city of Uzbekistan, as well as the most populous city in ex-Soviet Central Asia, with a population in 2018 of 2,485,900. It is in northeastern Uzbekistan, near the border with Kazakhstan. As the city has been developing and growing in recent years, it has so many initial investments. The project site which is 59 ha is close to the airport and After the analysis on the city, it's determined that Tashkent has something missing for its development. It's a 'downtown'.  Downtown is a term primarily used in North America by English-speakers to refer to a city's commercial, cultural and often the historical, political and geographic heart, and is often synonymous with its central business district (CBD). In British English, the term "city centre" is most often used instead. One way in which downtown changed from the late 19th century to the early part of the 20th century was that industrial concerns began to leave downtown and move to the periphery of the city, which meant that downtown's businesses were chiefly part of the burgeoning service sector. As it's clearly seen that  a downtown project has a serious potential to improve historical Tashkent. It's aimed to house all kind of architectural spaces and funcions within a harmony; public&private, open&closed spaces, pedestrian&vehicle, working&resting, tradition&contemporary. Main inspiration source of 'Tashkent Downtown' is moon and sun.  The moon comes when the sun goes. Light never decreases over us and enlightens us. It gives us a round- the – clock –life living DOWNTOWN with all its functions. The project consists of landmark along with icon towers and this zone is surrounded by residential units within 807.500 m² construction size.