Sumgayit Stadium

Sumgayit, Azerbaijan


The Capacity of 40 000 seats

The project is located in Sumgayit which is the third-largest city in Azerbaijan, located near the Caspian Sea. Dynamic effect of the georaphy is reflected into project's soul and character. The angle of the field is one of the most critical issues in a stadium design. The design is described as 'a powerful satin on earth and iconic wink to sky'. According to the FIFA Standards noth-south orientation is acceptable, northwest - southeast orientation is more reasonableto let all sides of the playing field to recieve a reasonable amounth of sunlight. In the project natural grass field is recommended, with undersoil heating and draining system, automatic watering and ventilation system. Therer are 15 rentable areas inside the stadium with 1100 m² total area, 4 kioks outside the stadium with 65 m² rentable area each, 1 ticket kiosk, 1 club shop kiosk and 1 club museum with 500 m² total area each. On the other hand, a privilige spatial arrangement is brought to VIP facilities so that the game or other kind of activities would quickly resonate in the eyes and minds. When it comes to seating arrangement, it's proposed comfortable area for the audience in order to create an impressive outlook. The project includes 40.000 seats, 390 VIP seats, 28 player benches, 80 seats for disabled spectators, 100 seats for press with desks, 60 seats for press without desks. FIFA and UEFA standards have been used in the design  Audience don't have any visual obstacle and easily join the game.