Spine Tower

Istanbul, Turkey


138.000 m²

Spine Tower makes a genuine contribution to the city’s skyline and embraces Istanbul’s epic panorama from different angles. Its circular form provides a mild stance, not pressing on its nearby and not causing an ambitious outlook in the city’s silhouette, yet it is likely to capture the attentions from every part of the city. What excels Spine Tower is its success in alleviating its weight by a number of slight and attentive touches in its exterior form. The project, prepared for Tilaga and accommodates 138 000 sq.m area, embodies a circular spatial configuration instead of sharp and heavy outlook to bring its surrounding fineness. Enlivening the public life by means of continuous atriums and plazas on the ground level, Spine Tower does interact with the Istanbul skyline but also maximises the spatial continuity around it. The project combines several innovations in terms of building technologies as it employs the engineering solutions parallel with architectural design. Keeping up with the intense building program through a modular system enables a proportional subdivision of the volumes and this lead the project to provide a variety of units appealing to different preferences The project awarded to “Europe’s Best Office Architecture Property Award, 2012”. Spine Tower received the Best Turkish Project at MIPIM 2014 and maintained its international recognition.