Signature Towers

Erbil, Iraq


264.000 m²

Erbil is conceived as a bridging city in geographic and cultural terms. Its adequate location in the region as well as in climate terms makes possible to grow one of the ancient cities of the world. Vibrant urban life full of social amenities is indeed the result of its relatively geographical advantages. Signature Towers will be located approximately 3 km far from the ancient city center. It will establish a new dialog between past and future  celebrating   civilizations, cultures and  heritage. Architecture gives hope to individuals and communities. It is the precursor of new destinations. Signature Towers aspires to vitalize Erbil’s Re-Emerging Life. They will blossom as if a long awaiting flower and will hail the new path of the city. Signature Towers incarnates the  intact  richness  of Erbil , and will energize the prosperity of future. SignatureTowers will clearly accelerate  Erbil’s skyline, but  will raise as the symbol of new hopes of Erbil and will embrace whole country and region. It will  transfer the energy of peace, stability and solidarity. SignatureTowers will also capture the sky and will provide an instant space intermediating with sky and earth.