Sheraton Hotel

Adana, Turkey


51.000 m²

An exciting addition to the river side in Adana, the Sheraton Hotel building is based on the idea to emphasize the embankments of the city. The design, with a size of 51.000 sq.m, seeks to respond to daylight and manipulates the viewing opportunities across the city. The form is composed of longitude terraces that creates a dynamic outlook and controls the scale. The building maintains regularity and reflects an integral uniformity in its façade design leads up to the river. It embodies the increasing energy of the city of Adana and creates fluidity with an interacting volume solid geometry. The project basically explores the idea that a multifaceted outlook inspires the citizens and establishes a singular language meeting with skyline and floating with ground. Linking the city to river, Adana Sheraton releases a horizontal energy and creates an dynamic and moving urban surface. Rather than applying a heavy and repressive architecture that only focus on itself and exalts itself, the building dramatically prioritizes the cityscape and gains a distinguished identity since it meld with it. Such a responsive approach stimulates the nearby urban fabric to undergo a more sensible building process which could produce a vibrant environment.