Seyrantepe Mixed Use Project

Istanbul, Turkey


260.500 m²

The Project site lays parallel through one of the main Boulevards of Istanbul, Buyukdere Boulevard, which is functioning as a bone of the CBD and Finance activities of the metropole. On the contrary of other uses covering the periphery of boulevard, the exact area of development is surprisingly still surrounded by old workshops and mechanic services specialized on repairmen of supplementary commercial land-uses.
In addition to the Boulevard, the project area is highly accessible in terms of urban transportation potentiality with Sanayi Metro Station is located just in front of the 49.000 sq.m large plot either.
The tangible potential for transforming the site either into retail, hotel, office or housing results a large amount of value gain while increasing the continuity of urban functions throughout the boulevard. The design approach for the mixed-use program aimed enriching the interactions with the boulevard and creating a new impact area for the northern parts of Istanbul.
Among the boulevard and the neighborhood, Seyrantepe Mix plays a passage role. Due to invite the working and living population into the dynamic project, instead of building the walls, the project offers a dynamic and strongly accessible fluid form. This fluidity and dynamism leaded the project to be developed as an analogy of “mercury matter” which also inspired the architectural design as well. The inner roads and their physical organization aimed to find the “the shortest cut” and attract the community with an essential human-habit.