Seoul Mun

Tashkent, Uzbekistan


36.600 m²

Seoul Mun project is located in historical center next to National Park of Tashkent and Seoul Boulevard. Our project is a comprehensive set of design tools including the maintenance of Seoul Boulevard and rehabilitation of Canal with surrounding facilities and public Spaces including its landscape design that represent the strong relations between Uzbekistan and South Korea.

Our project will be the bridge between South Korea & Uzbekistan and the design focuses on the collaboration of the two countries.  Canal rehabilatiton is aimed to enrich the relations among two countries, service to millions of local population and create a tourism attraction for visitors around the World. We aimed to regain an unused area to the city. In this way, we enabled this region to meet with the public, and redeveloped a design for people so that they communicate with the green and water. In this regard the leisure activities have a vital role in design process. Places that can be easily entered and exited supply the visitors safer and more enjoyable experiences. Thanks to our design principles Seoul Mun will be a project which live 24 hours. We’ve proposed retails, food courts, car parking, exhibition center, outdoor activity areas along 650 metre-long canal. The bridges over the canal connect the two sides each other like South Korea and Uzbekistan. The F&B spaces will give you a chance to enjoy day and night

Another design target is to represent cultural items from South Korea and keep the harmony with local colours and culture to create public spaces that connect Seoul to Tashkent.  The inspiration based on the flag and national colours of South Korea which is one of the enduring qualities of Korean culture is the desire to maintain harmony and peace within the community as whole.   

Last year iki design group recieved the best lesisure architecture design awared for Seoul Mun. Seoul Mun achieved five-star success in Asia Pacific league. Our project, which will add value to the city, had been awarded by Asia Pasific Property Awards in 2019, as Best Leisure Architecture.  The Asia Pacific Property Awards are judged by an independent panel of 80 industry experts. Judging focuses on design, quality, service, innovation, originality, public - outdoor usage, and commitment to sustainability.

Finally, when we have a look at the project in terms of Covid19 disaster, we see that the importance of our design principles for Seoul Mun Project has emerged along with the pandemic process. Especially, after being cooped up indoors for months, we all have taken a renewed interest in the value of parks and urban areas, ourdor activities and social life facilities. That is to say, the layout of outdoor activities like terraces, sitting areas, green public spaces, personal areas, catcy destination points etc.  will be a key role today’s world and also in the future.