Sarıyer Maden Villas



170.000 m²

Currently the high-rise buildings and increasing population density are creating an intensive urban pattern for Istanbul. This low-rise scheme creates a distinctive detached multiple residential villa architecture which is rare for the metropole. Moreover the 77.693 sqm. project plot locates in a very unique area on North of Istanbul, lays parallel to sea and overall site offers the spectacle views open to the Bosporus.

Sariyer Maden Villas, consisting of 311 residential units, create a practical contemporary architectural design which also hides the Bosporus Mansions’ and local vernacular housing units’ architectural assets and details within.

The green and blue pattern surrounding the Project site on the sloppy hills provides a rurban style of life as if been coined in reference to an area of rural and urban references in it.  A place with 28.333 sqm. of green area, for one needs to rest out of complexity of the giant city.