Roseville Residences

Baku, Azerbaijan


66.000 m²

The old inner city is the core of Baku with a written history of 2000 years. This core has been expanded along the seashore and towards the midlands after the economic boom triggered with petrol export since the 19. century. In time, Baku has turned into a modern city, with a rapid development in the context of a globalizing world. Roseville is a premium residence complex, one of the most picturesque residences in Baku city located near the city center. The complex includes several buildings designed in a fabulous Scandinavian style with playgrounds, swimming pools, beautiful gardens and parking. Living in Roseville is not just a residential experience; rather it is kind of being immersed in some quiet and fairytale environment. Inteiror design approach is thought based on the style of the project, as well.  The Scandinavian interior design is characterized by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality.Belonging to the school of modernism, Scandinavian design is a design movement characterized by a focus on functionalism and simplicity. The design includes the use of natural materials, such as leather, wood, and hemp. Furthermore, It is also influenced by a connection to nature, which combines natural shapes, abstraction, and the use of natural elements.