Rondo Tower

Istanbul, Turkey


44.000 m²

Office and hotel, a significant project in midway between the city and airport, Merter Rondo consists of two masses embracing each other. A synthesis of vibrant and solid presence in the skyline brings an ultimate dynamism along the highway. Merter Rondo is conceived as a welcome and farewell to the city and introduces a smart mix including office and hotel functions with a collaborative spatial integration. Offering 44 000 sq.m area with exploitation of as much as possible of daylight, the project allows a bright atmosphere for its work places. Merter Rondo rises up as if a light and it euphoniously flickers at air with its bending strip on the exterior façade. The strip demonstrates the vertical energy and accelerates its urban environment. Stainless glass panels wrap the structure and generate a sensible skin, at the same time a potent building element that regulates the energy efficiency with the help of solar absorption arrangements. Sitting on a rather congested highway, which as well as splits the urban fabric around it, Merter Rondo softly uplifts the surrounding and brings both vibrant and pleasant influence to the current monotonous highway panorama. The project stays out as a vertical element while accelerating the horizontal urban plane.