Renewal of Richmond Nua Wellness Sapanca

Sapanca, Turkey


3.800 m²

Current Richmond Sapanca Nua Hotel was already designed by iki design group. The project is assumed as a gateway to nature for whom would like to escape from exhausting city life, and offers serenity, tranquillity and relaxation with full of sensual richness. Richmond Sapanca Nua Hotel is a response to conventional spa hotel concept and does not only appeal to individual experiences but also supports social interaction by creating common and semi-public spaces.

After 16 years some parts of the project was decided to redesign in order to catch new trends and to answer new needs.The proposal consists of natural forms in general. Firstly, the atrium which also consisting of hotel rooms need a new identity in terms of privacy. Contemporary semi-permeable seperators are designed in front of the hotel rooms looking directly to the atrium space. Then, current bar's position which is found in the middle of the atrium is changed and redesiged in order to increase usage of the public space into atrium. The bar was taken behind adjacent to entrance lobby. It was designed in a contemporary and warm atmosphere under a charming cloud. When it comes to the entrance lobby, the natural design greets you in a captivating atmosphere. It's clear that the new touch will increase 'wellness'