Radisson Blu Hotel Interior Design

Kayseri, Turkey


34.000 m²

The project is located at the center of Kayseri,Turkey’s industrial city, in Melikgazi district, alongside Sivas street, adjacent to the one of the largest mall buildings in district, Forum Kayseri, providing the building a great advantage in terms of liveliness. The hotel also has a direct view looking over Mountain Erciyes, the symbol of the city, also one of Kayseri’s famous attractions for all skiing enthusiasts. This particular position of the hotel shapes interior design approaches. Natural formations are adopeted into the design by getting inspiration from the soul of Mountain Erciyes. As it's known Kayseri is zone of diffent textures and colours. This character of the city also has infulence on the design. The propsal for the hotel interior design combines natural riches and colorful motifs. In this way, textures, colours and natural forms turn into a space creating a great atmosphere.