President Boulevard

Tashkent, Uzbekistan


1.470.000 m²

President Boulevard is a master plan project located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The brief was involving renewal of the transportation axis with new development mix of offices, residences, public service and recreation areas, hotels and a proper street design for the defined 396.130 sqm area facing one of the main boulevard of Tashkent City. The project begun from Masterplanning scale to units which covers each step from transportation planning to lighting design and interiors of designed structures as well. This ease the design focusing on sustainable solutions which will reveal higher feed-backs in terms of scale and size of the project. Main philosophy initiated design was Complete Street approach that is fully equipped with high quality life spaces and rich public and art servicesSince this axis is very important to Tashkent city, architectural styles and materials selected from local sources and inspired by Uzbek values. The design focused on re-newal of the boulevard that extends through the North-East axis of Tashkent city along 5,5 km that should not be just a highway any more. Currently, even though Boulevard has green medians, they are not designed for use as gathering places. Design aimed to enhance the Street life through the boulevard with Complete Street solutions. The lack of proper signaling negatively impacts safety for pedestrians and bicycle riders, green medians, sidewalks and bike lanes contribute to a lovely sense of community along some stretches of these roads.

In addition to above mentioned items, proper lighting and balanced open and green spaces are some of the infrastructure in place and can benefit from further programming and design adjustments that would elevate them to world-class, beautiful and vibrant multi-modal thoroughfares.