Polat Office Interior Design

Istanbul, Turkey


23.000 m²

Polat Kagithane Office consists of precise volumes presenting a longitudinal façade that powerfully flows along one of the most rapidly developing routes of Istanbul. Emerging as a linear and layered series of spaces, the building defines transparency rather than opacity so that working environment could interact with exterior. Polat Kağıthane Office is a representation of a frozen movement and intermingles with its changing urban context. The project accommodates 23 000 sq.m area and represents a firm outlook prioritizing the functional aesthetic. The block consists of four partitions and bears the building programme finds a horizontally expressed space articulation. The ground level develops a streetscape as a part of an idea to open the gallery to the exterior. The façade arrangement amplifies the aspired atmosphere by introducing flying canopies each of which also defines the partitions. Polat Kagıthane Office is a candid addition to its urban context and joins to the urban transformation process being experienced around it by offering transparency and openness with a compact, permeable and robust design touch. The project exemplifies horizontal solid-void geometry and aims to develop a “pattern” rather than a single “stain”.