Petek Office

Istanbul, Turkey



Breaking the monolingual and stifling order of its surrounding, Petek Office introduces a plural feature evoking a comb in architectural terms as bringing together various edges, lines, surfaces and planes. The design sets itself as if a conceptual elaboration of a leaf and shell. It features different characters on its façade with colourful planes, strips and rods all of which produce several perceptions. Wide and narrow windows constitute a gradient order and rises as a complete alternative in its surrounding which is overrun by uniform and monotonous building fabric. The building offers two wings and seeks to a tempered outlook merging and melding with the street. Horizontal planes moderate the scale of the building and vertical colourful slats add depth and animation. Petek Office is one of the first pioneering examples strengthening the office settings at this particular part of Istanbul. Located on the western fringes of Istanbul, the building have boosted the reconfiguration of working spaces in its surrounding displaying more varied and attractive architectural character. Petek Office represents the language and the notion of non-singular design settings which offer an upbeat office life.