Pendik Mixed Use Project

Istanbul, Turkey


650.000 m²

Pendik is a district of Istanbul, Turkey on the Asian side between Kartal and Tuzla, on the Marmara Sea. Population is 711,894.Sabiha Gökçen airport is near and the area is close to Formula One racetrack. There is a high-speed boat across the Marmara Sea to Yalova for people travelling out of the city to Bursa and the Aegean. It's a mixed use project in master plan scale. It's aimed to revive and contribute Pendik Zone. Dynamic forms, iconic buildings, relation between horizontality and verticality and integration to boulevard are main desing objectives. It's proposed a commercial axis that is main driver of the all project. Squares, social facilities, and all residential zones are related to the commercial axis. Principle of relation with nature is another main issue in the project. Slope that the site supplies is used as a social platfrom, amphitheatre that fulfills necessity of public usage. Project site consits of two phases that surrounds the commercial axis, which are A ,85.106 m², and B , 70.945 m². The mixed use project in master plan scale, 650.000 m² construction size, will be a new center and life with charming and appealing design decisions.