Park Terrace Tashkent

Tashkent, Uzbekistan


323.000 m²

The project is located on a plot which is 56.640 m² in Tashkent. The site is surrounded by Abdullah Kadiriy Street, Elbel Street and Little Ring Road.  Through the design process, accessibility, balanced scales, street shopping on most visited points, residences, multi-dimensional green & rich courtyards has been taken into consideration as design objectives. The site consists of residential areas in a balanced way. The layout of the blocks are arranged by vista. Thanks to this strategy, each block has own vista.  Arrangment of balconies and terraces bring uniqe and charming outlook. A layer of terraces and balconies are placed crisscross above each other in order to create vertical community space. It's also aimed that residents can feel themselves into nature by creating rich green courtyards within 323.000 m² consruction size. Building form also is related to the nature as a growing and rising plant.