Park Hotel Office

Tashkent, Uzbekistan


90.000 m²

The project is located on a plot which is 19.980 m² in Tashkent. The plot is adjacent to Ashgabat Park where is 1.35 km far from Amir Temur Square. It's a mixed use project consisting of hotel, office, residence, retail and park functions. It's aimed that the project will be city a hotel. It's designed to supply touristic and bussines accomodation of Tashkent. A courtyard that acts with mini store and cafe is created so that users become socialised. It also bring the atmosphere of Ashgabat Park into the project site. Green courtyard is also carried to upper floors by creating floor garden. Thus, users will have great view of Tashkent thanks to the floor garden which act as a social platfrom on the sky.  The project includes two blocks which consists of segmented geometry. That's way it can be easily understood functions of the mixed use project from outside. The project which have 90.000 m² total construction size is a candidate to be a new symbol of Tashkent.