Papirus Plaza

Istanbul, Turkey


75.000 m²

An opportunity to vitalize the neighbourhood, Papirus is likely to boost the awaiting urban transformation in Kagithane as it links conventional commercial areas at its south with rapidly developing “downtown” at its north and west. The project breaks the monotonous feature of a gross market typology as combining it with a gradient layered office mass. The office structure extends its surface over the mall and creates an attractive atmosphere by deliberately emphasised horizontal lines and terraces. Papirus Plaza, reaching to approximately 75.000 sqm, breaks the monolingual feature of conventional office architecture and conveys a cadence for its surrounding. With its horizontally confluent lines, the project allows the daylight to penetrate into work places and creates continuous bright galleries. The building unmistakably fuses the retail and office functions and sets its solid-void geometry flatly in favour of horizontal expansion rather than vertical rising. Papirus Plaza has been awarded in “Best Office” category by “The Best Property Investments Research, 2012” which was held by the magazines of Ekonomist, Capital and Masion Française. The project distinguishes itself as creating a pleasant atmosphere and establishing a vibrant interior and exterior dialog.