Oyak Renault Office Building

Bursa, Turkey


20.000 m²

The key role of Turkey in car manufacturing leads the buildings of car industry to gain significance in architectural terms as well. Oyak Renault Office makes visible the institutional image that it represents with its clear, plain, pure and legible expression. Strip faced lanes on horizontal plane are able to transmit the daylight uninterruptedly and the building itself stretching to its plain geography offers an impressive structural experience. While the building combines the units rising and spreading over two separate planes provides a spatial continuity in work places, it also meets the principles of efficiency, firmness and beauty. The interior design of the building conveys the simple and plain notion of the project into interior spaces and brings a spacious atmosphere. In this way, the open spaces that link the exterior with interior gain common and social area character. Covering a 20 000 sq.m, Oyak Renault Office Interiors stay out for its clarity of conception and its evident sensitivity in its handling of material and light. Adeptly installed furnishings and fittings smoothed the spatial arrangement of office areas and intoned to overall layout.