Our Valley

Istanbul, Turkey


74.000 m²

The project is a part of Cendere Valley master plan. Cendere Valley in Istanbul incorporates various plots for which different stakeholders has established a partnership to succeed a significant property development in Istanbul. The Valley became new urban destination and a new center after openning of Vadistanbul. The site is in front of Vadi Park and adjacent to Vadi Koru. Our Valley is 18th project designed by iki design group in this zone. The project locates on a plot which is 20.645 m², surrounded by green nature. The design is oriented by taking the forest view into consideration. Ayazağa Creek and natural park where are situated south side of the project area are brought to the design as a recreational area. The design is highly adapted in nature by becoming a new gravity point. The project is a mixed use programme that consists of houses, resindences, retail areas, social facilities and closed swimming pool. The design includes 4 main blocks which one of them is high-rise with 27 storeys, the rest blocks are up to 12 storeys. Retail zone is designed on Kemerburgaz Street as a public usage. Total construction size of the project is 74.000 m².