Nurafshon Smart City



2.760.000 m²

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is based on the idea of ​​optimizing, streamlining and expanding the reach of the most diverse operations.  In the urban context, technology based on the use of artificial intelligence has been seen as a way to improve the management of cities, especially those that are denser and have larger footprints. Nurafshon is a smart city that we've proposed by combining our desing principles and artificial intelligence. While we've created extensive public spaces, open spaces and sqaures, green facades and roofs, courtyards but also we've proposed public transportation optimization, air quality monitoring, safer streets for women, traffic system management, water leakage detection, optimization of garbage collections and recylcing and video monitoring. Nurafshon is a master plan consisting of all needs of public like culture and sport facilities, educational instutitions, trade&customer service facilities, healtcare facilities, residential buildings along with full accessibility, sustainablity&energy efficiency.

Our target is to creaert inclusive spaces to connect people and generating 24/7 activity within the project. Avoiding mono functionality, we've aimed to create cities for everyone and encourage diversity. With a human-centered approach, the knowledge-driven architecture and design practice addresses the notion of place in various scales and typologies. Nurafshon is a good example,  how we can use design to make cities more livable and lovable.