Nevbahar Üsküdar

Istanbul, Turkey


117.000 m²


The project area is defined as the design work for public space on the intersection of Municipality Building, Governmental Province Office and a design scheme for the mixed-use development on site next to the them. The pre-developed extended urban square project for Uskudar District is a potential “public space” connection for this project for melting multiple public services all together. In this regard, the design connects itself to this large scale plaza via urban corridors and enhances the quality and size of common place.
The final design reveals a vibrant sub-centre for the district. The node emphasizes multi-layered functions of new mixed-use scheme and its support for balancing day and night use.
On a plot area of 13.840 m², the overall construction size of Nevbahar Uskudar project rises to 117.000 m² including residences, office areas, shopping mall and street shopping areas where public-private and semi-public spaces comes together in harmony within the historical Uskudar centre.