Mesa Orman

Istanbul, Turkey


60.000 m²

Beykoz District is one of the calmest and highest quality housing destination of Istanbul next to the forests and main transportation axis of Anatolian side of İstanbul. The architectural design approach on 60.000sqm construction in Beykoz focuses on creation of a smooth and clean cut sense of architecture with 4 floored blocks that had been distributed into the site with a balance. Especially the courtyard created in the centre of site consists of common places, social facility and a pool enriched by dense landscape design to increase the quality of life.
In addition to the courtyard, a 20 meter depth green corridor on north and pure forest area on south ensures each block and unit to benefit from the value and visual attraction of the green. The facades of building had been covered with natural tones and natural materials to keep the connection with the nature.
In addition to these open and common spaces on courtyards, the common terraces on top of each block aimed to increase the social interactions and relationship among neighbours, which is very important for Turkish traditions as well.