Mesa Cadde

Istanbul, Turkey


55.000 m²

The project locates in a magnificent position next to long waterfront axis in Anatolian side of İstanbul, with a view of Prince Islands. Plot size is 11.670 m² and displays a high potential for residential and commercial activities due to its position, which locates on the most visited and popular retail and attraction line of Istanbul, known as Bagdat Boulevard.
The design focused on strengthening the mutual interaction between the project site and its urban environment. The retail areas on the ground level serve both to the future residential accommodation and surrounding population to keep both interacted. Balconies of each unit enhances the interaction of the users with the city and the location, while maximizing the viewing area of Istanbul panorama.
The building forms enables long term sunning benefits in longer edges. The open spaces and square-like centre on street level create a new landscape design approach to the site and a visit able and inviting project area on it.