Merinos Mixed Use Project



100.000 m²

Merinos is an example of regulating both vertical and horizontal energy. It rises on an urban platform while establishing both solid and fluid expression on the western edge of Istanbul. In a time when the urban space and urban life of Istanbul undergo a substantial transformation, Merinos evaluates its location as a gateway and aims to animate its surrounding. To eliminate the motorway dominated space articulation in the area, the design offers an urban platform which functions as a shopping center maximizes the pedestrian flow and slightly attaches itself to the boulevard in the area. The lay out pulls the horizontal energy into the project area and attentively releases it to the vertical plane to establish a euphonious feature. Three blocks meet with the city panorama and accelerates the cityscape featuring a mild presence yet dynamic and vibrant outlook. The Merinos, accommodating approximately a 100 000 sq.m size, upholds aesthetic and tactile qualities without sacrificing from the functional efficiency and clearness in solid and void relations. The project develops a design vocabulary oscillates between puritan and plural expression where structural elements represent themselves as also aesthetic units.