Maslak Box

Istanbul, Turkey



Maslak is a rapidly developing business center where numerous office buildings are being developed with a certain architectural quality. Yet, few of them are interacting with the surrounding street life as much as they aim to reflect a powerful presence. Maslak Box discerns itself as it privileges to animate its surrounding and boosts a footfall which is in fact notably lacking in Maslak. The design purposefully employs a dual character and highlights the corporate identity at the side of boulevard so do its peers, and then reinterpret the office morphology at its backyard façade by employing transparent and permeable design vocabulary. Reaching to 17.500 sqm size in a moderately rising block, Maslak Box is a quest for an alternative identity which concerns to amplify the street life and to boost a vibrant public realm by creating niches and courtyards around it. The boulevard side façade aims to transfer the energy and mobility of the boulevard towards the vertical plane and conveys it to the backyard however with a tranquil and mild stance. The canopy sets itself as a bridging element that collects the vibrancy of boulevard and transmits it to the backyard and wraps the building as if an urban scarf.