Kvatro Life Style Complex

Istanbul, Turkey


55.000 m²

Istanbul has been experiencing a dramatic transformation and a series of new life styles have also emerged in relation with the diversifications in economic activities of the city. Day by day developing service based economy pulling considerably high skilled and well educated labor force that on the other hand those demands more qualified social environment full of cultural, entertaining and recreational facilities. Kvatro sets itself as an option to this new fact by elaborating an enclosed blockyard typology. Creating a vast open space and elaborating it as the central design element offering a rich amount of recreational activities is a clear response to its neighboring building fabric. Equipping the streetscape with shop rows is a deliberate treatment to enliven the social life as allowing retail activities to adhere with the block. The façade decisively involves capsule-like partitions that wrap the whole block as a strip which brings euphony to the mass. The courtyard completely differentiates Kvatro from the current conventional building pattern in its surrounding which is devoid of adequate outdoor activities. Kvatro gives the example of how diversity in spatial quality enriches the social life and animates the urban space.