Kustepe Tower

Istanbul, Turkey


47.300 m²

Istanbul gives an example of urban expansion and urban reconfiguration in planning terms. While it spreads to its extremities there is an increasing pressure to redevelop its urbanized areas to attract new investments and to boost economic activities. As in the example of Kustepe, several neighborhoods located just next to central business district are subject to be reshaped, however their new characters are supposed to be elaborated with appropriate visions. Kustepe Tower plays such a role and it aims to strength the business functions while giving impetus to its surrounding reconfiguration. It rises with smooth and continuous lines and applies clear and straightforward geometries. As it combines hotel and office functions, both dynamism and stability have been explored as the common notions with neat proportions and regular geometries. Kustepe Tower seeks for originality with a sky garden seizing the invaluable view opportunity of Istanbul. The project rises to embody the flourishing energy of the neighboring district and it stands to be the local reference through which sky could penetrate. Light and euphonious space arrangements are conceived to be the main elements which could succeed the co-existence of hotel and office sections.