Kulturpark Open Air Theatre



20.000 m²

The site, a former open-air theatre within the public park locates in Bursa, is in a condition that is inaccessible by community, public involvement is not enough, it became worn-out and the capacity of 2500 seats are not sufficient for the Greater Municipality. In order not to harm the decades old trees and connect the landscape that was interrupted by the old facility, the new facility’s location shifted from the inner park to the road-side.
Seen as a cultural engine, the public building should take the common rights of community into consideration and the government asked for new design principles that increase the access to facility, that raise the number of seats of the previous theatre structure and opens larger community involvement space for cultural events. The new hall is designed like an open and iconic meeting point for performance arts in a protective case. The multipurpose structure formed like a sturdy cage in a cocoon and the structure enriches and hosts the art and its reveal.
The structure consists of several architectural solutions as a hydraulic scene and mobile front seats to enlarge the stage in case of great events, an opportunity to cover the core and close the floor of the open-air arena for future needs and its flexibility ease the consistence to future dynamics of the city.
With its new location within the park and its architectural design, the new Open-air Theater is now able to be perceived from Mudanya Boulevard, it is more accessible, with an estimated audience seat of 5150 it has a greater capacity, its transparent and modern façade stands like a part of urban presence during the daytime, while glows within the recreational greeneries at night.