Kempinski Bellevue Residence Interior Design

Istanbul, Turkey


35.000 m²

Overlooking a stunning Bosporus view, Bellevue Residences benefits from its distinct location but designing its interior is definitely a challenge as it necessitates to introduce a cohesive atmosphere with its exterior that is Bosporus. Bellevue interiors offer comfort and pleasure with pure and simple touches which result in a sober outlook. The design ultimately uplifts the quality of life and brings a sensuous living environment that encourages the dialog with Bosporus View. Bellevue Residences, covering the 35 000 sq.m size, the design of searches for an idiom by unifying and integrative unit designs and offers softer and more flowing space arrangements. Bringing bright and airy interior life to a structure which is in certain extend monumental draws the major challenge of the project. Treating the façades painstakingly to make sure daylight would penetrate continuously results in conductive and permeable atmospheres. Tidy, neat and simplistic settings ease the living conditions and offers both prestige and modesty. While dwelling units uplift t sensational experiences blending with tranquil and airy spatial arrangements, a body of social facilities along with spa and fitness units equip Bellevue Residences with vibrancy and excitement.