Kemerburgaz Master Plan Project

Istanbul, Turkey


190.000 m²

The project area is located in Kemerburgaz which is a village in the Eyüp district of Istanbul Province, Turkey.  It's a peaceful area of Istanbul, overlooking a stunning backdrop of forests and nature views at every turn. From sunrise to sunset, residents can marvel at the lush forest and its ever-changing scenery throughout for seasons of the year. Kemerburgaz is also known for its famous aqueducts from the Byzantine and Roman periods, completed by Great Architect Sinan.  Its strategical location supplies easy transportation with the new city center, Vadistanbul. The project locates on the site which is 228.000 m². The master plan design consists of rensidential blocks and retail zones. People oriented design is also compatible with the nature. Unique organic design principles directs the strategy of the master plan. The aim is to increase usage of green areas while bringing functionally solutions. It also works as a meeting and welcoming place thanks to the sqaure and bazaar that are proposed within the master plan decison. Thus, puclic usage increases. In addition,  low-rise buildings hide in the nature and act as a part of internal. The project also benefits from site's slope so that each building more green area and vista. While the project consits of some traditional figures coming from its historical site location, it's also a contemporary touch with 190.000 m² construction size.