Kemerburgaz Houses

Istanbul, Tukey


550 m²

Kemerburgaz is a village in the Eyüp district of Istanbul Province, Turkey.  It's a peaceful area of Istanbul, overlooking a stunning backdrop of forests and nature views at every turn. From sunrise to sunset, residents can marvel at the lush forest and its ever-changing scenery throughout for seasons of the year. Kemerburgaz is also known for its famous aqueducts from the Byzantine and Roman periods, completed by Great Architect Sinan. The project consists of two masses connected each other but it's seperated functionally on the ground. While one part includes living area the other side includes kitchen and bedrooms. This connected seperation also creates identical mass which is felt by outside. While residents enjoy the natural life on ground floor, they take the forest atmosphere inside upstairs. A home is not only an opportunity to keep in touch with nature, but also to live in a historical setting within easy driving distance to the city center.