Karanfilkoy Urban Transformation Project



560.000 m²

Karanfilkoy is a neighbourhood locates next to one of the most distinctive dwelling areas of Istanbul and Besiktas District, Etiler. The project area of 214 000 m² required a holistic planning approach for Karanfilkoy’s urban regeneration, where the existing local population guided and participated to the design process in master planning scale. The design approach aims to maximize the use of open and public spaces, bicycle and walking routes, green fields and high quality streets and resistant housing for the new development of area.

Detached, attached or terraced architectural solutions in different height, villas and apartments, penthouses and condos designed separately to supply various of housing typologies for supplying different needs of community. In addition to the housing supply, 95 000 m² of landscape design including 10 000 m² water landscape design is the most attractive feature of the masterplan which will be enhancing the urban space, not only for its dwellers, but for the city as well.

An iconic structure on the central point of the Project and a commercial corridor that follows the main traffic axis are main economical drivers and potentials of the masterplan.