Kale Kilit Residence

Istanbul, Turkey


55.000 m²

Kale Kilit Project seeks a language in which hotel and residence towers may cooperate and coexist. While hotel signifies a kind of temporal and dynamic manner, residence, in contrary, requires stability and privacy. In order to reconcile these two opposite settings, the design displays simplicity and pureness as the integrative tool. Both tower rise up on a common ground with a plain geometry and shares the skyline to be a landmark for its neighbouring business area. The design carries a sensual relaxation by means of material purity. Softness and fluidity feature of water is reinterpreted to bring a solemn presence to the design while steady and stable characteristics of stone strengthen the impression of towers. Kale Kilit Project starts out a considered attempt to exemplify a complete honesty in form, proportion and material use. Playing with opacity and transparency intones the impact of the project and provides a colourful depth. Variation of light and material is meld with smooth and continuous lines and this creates beauty out of function. Kale Kilit Project, accommodating a 55 000 sq.m size, advocates the fundamentals of modern architecture and takes a forthright stance in favour of form and function clarity. Its self-conscious expression vigorously animates its surrounding urban fabric.