Kadıkoy Mixed Use Project

Istanbul, Turkey


117.000 m²

Design concept relies on the zoning codes of previously planned urban regeneration area, yet the adding value of design had been descending the perceive of the rising floors and keep the masses balanced by setbacks. Neighborhood culture of Fikirtepe had always been in the centre of design concept, the social relations, childhood friendships, playing games all together and calling themselves “kids of Fikirtepe” are well known features of the regeneration territory. In this regard, master planning approach basically focuses on social regeneration. This led the design to be open for community physically and to consider project plot in according to its position and social dynamics both within the masterplan and community as well. Our design for Project area, burst from a game of children playing on streets in their neighbourhood. Design approach of the Project mainly points out humanity and compatibility with the cultural character of the neighbourhood. Tender spot of the culture indicates children’s freedom on streets, like a peg top spinning around with smooth and dynamic way.

Design stages initiated with three conceptual alternatives, the client selected the latest design because of the diverse and colorful façade details that enables the users of building understand exactly their own place’s position from street. Design mainly focused on the best use of sun and shade by locating the two towers on the furthest points of the plot without limiting each other and keeping the massive balance all together at the same time. This design attitude of wholeness and balance represented the appeal and concept of the project which is opening itself to the community and urban area. Selected design searched for the same answers with other alternatives, yet the client found the dynamic form and facades very attractive for the customers who are looking for something elegant and different.